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The Gold Coast’s is truly the ultimate year-round holiday destination of choice, averaging 300 days of sunshine per year, coupled with a huge variety of activities to choose from for young and old. Importantly, a perfect holiday is not complete unless you have the perfect accommodation destination too. Vogue Luxury Holiday Homes offer a boutique collection of waterfront houses on the Gold Coast for rent. Our homes are beautifully appointed for families, couples, friends holidaying
Now that the busy Christmas period is nearly over, are you saying to yourself – gee, I could really use a break to recharge and get over what has been a hectic year.’  Or, perhaps the kids are saying, when are we going on a holiday?’ Well, we have some great news - it’s not too late to book a spontaneous holiday break for you and your loved ones.  January is the perfect time to
The Gold Coast in Australia is one the world’s most popular tourist destinations. It offers everything, from fabulous weather and miles of sandy beaches, to theme parks and museums. No matter what time of the year you visit, you won’t be short of entertainment, so to help you plan your travel itinerary, here is a list of things to do on your next trip to South East Queensland. 1. Hit the Beaches The Gold Coast
The luxury holiday home sector has experienced significant growth in popularity, with a new generation of discerning travellers opting for this style of accommodation over hotels and apartments. Holiday homes offer much more when it comes to providing the unique elements for the perfect destination experience. Let’s look at why renting a Vogue Luxury Holiday Home is the perfect choice. Privacy Why share your personal space with total strangers, when you can enjoy exclusive amenities
The anticipation of a family holiday with teenagers can be daunting to say the least. It seems that overnight the dynamics of your family have changed from small children happy to go anywhere, to now holidaying with the most discerning travellers in the family – Teenagers!  Relax, with careful planning it can be done and you will all survive. Generally, teens are fiercely independent and see a family holiday as a major interruption to their

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